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Vango has been a long-time partner with Houzz, an online community for interior design and architecture. Many of our artists perform well on Houzz with numerous sales and few returns. As part of Houzz’s effort to provide excellent service to their buyers, Houzz has begun charging “non-compliance fees” on orders that do not meet their seller guidelines.

The most common compliance issues include:

  • Shipping the customer’s order after the maximum stated lead time*
  • Providing the customer with an invalid tracking number
  • Cancelling an order due to the product being out of stock
  • Cancelling an order because it failed to ship

*Lead time refers to the number of days the seller has to ship the order out; Vango currently has a lead time of 5 to 14 days on Houzz to accommodate international artists.


Vango will continue to work closely with artists selling on both platforms to ensure that we avoid these fees and are providing the best service to our mutual customers. We appreciate your support and help with making purchasing and delivery both easy and timely. Should any orders fail to meet Houzz’s standards and incur a penalty fee, Vango will review the order and determine if fault was on Vango (e.g. Vango rep did not notify artist in time) or the artist (e.g. artist did not ship work on time/inventory was not up to date) and the charge will fall upon the appropriate party.

If you would prefer to have your listings removed form Houzz, please email with the subject line “Houzz removal” so that our support team can update our inventory.

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