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We want every piece to be successful on Vango. To that end, we curate work based on whether we have an appropriate audience to guarantee the work’s success.

Discoverability: Signal to Noise

Scenario: We receive 100 blue abstract painting submissions and 5 landscape painting submissions. Blue abstract paintings are not selling well overall, but landscapes are in high demand. If we accept all 100 abstracts, they probably will not sell. But worse, they’ll drown out the five landscapes in which buyers are actively interested. In this scenario, a blue abstract painting is going to be held to a much higher standard because we have so many. If your piece is not accepted, we are not necessarily saying it’s “bad” or we don’t like it. We’re saying that we don’t have the audience for it at this time and accepting it would harm the overall artist community. Do not be discouraged if your piece is not accepted.

Professionalism: A Serious Approach

Vango is for artists who are devoted to pursuing the dream of expression. For this reason, we like to have at least ten works by an artist before accepting work. This is so we can see dedication, i.e. a consistent level of quality and intent across multiple pieces. 

Quality: “Wait, so I have to be an art-school grad with multiple gallery shows under my belt to submit to Vango?”

Nope. When we say professional, we’re not referring to your education or show history. An arts education is certainly helpful, but some of the best artists on our site are self-taught. Showing in galleries is an awesome experience and can teach you so much about professionally documenting your work and writing solid artist statements. But not everyone lives in a thriving arts community. When we say professional, we mean an artist who treats her work with the respect and care it deserves. This means taking the very best photographs. This means thinking about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Think about why you love their work and build off of that. Think about what your work means and how you can push that to greater heights. Constantly challenge yourself. Use good materials. Your work has the potential to change lives, treat it with the respect it deserves.

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