Integrations > Distribute Artworks > How can I ensure my pieces are integrated smoothly?

We want to build a system that is perfect but there are a few things you can do to help ensure this.

  • Use our matching/import tool - when you first sync your profile, you should get a pop up that has you match the artwork.  If not, you can trigger it manually on right side of “Distribute artwork” page. This will make it so we don’t upload duplicates, sync future updates, and import those stats
  • Titles should be the same to help the matching (i.e. if one has a period on one site and not on Vango that could cause issues)
  • Have unique titles - if you want to use say Untitled add a number or date after (i.e. Untitled III, Untitled (2017), Untitled III (2017)
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