Integrations > Distribute Artworks > Why is the ‘artwork’ price different on Saatchi (or other sites than) on Vango?

One of the key things we heard from artists in posting across all sites is that the price the collector sees is the same.  We are then asked “How are you going to handle that across the different site?”  

The way we do this is to take the artwork price you give us then add our estimated shipping to it.  That gives us the retail price.  We then use that retail price on other sites and work backwards, so that it remains consistent.  This can result in slightly different artwork prices (and we know thus your commission).  90% of the time,  this is within $20 total (so affecting your commission by less than $12), but sometimes it is off by more. We are working to mitigate the difference completely but artists have said that they don’t mind.

On sites where it is up to you to set the shipping (i.e. Art Finder, Etsy), it is up to you to set pricing that is comparable to Vango’s estimates if you want to be similar. Of course if you set it to be less, then you’ll get more commission, so it's your call.

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