What is Collector Management?

Collector Management is a feature that allows you to manage the contact information, location and other notes that you may have on your collectors. Additionally your contacts are divided into collector, patron and artist (Click here to find out more about each category).  

It also includes the following features:

- Where your collectors/patrons/artists followed you (i.e. on Vango, Instagram, etc)

- What artworks they have purchased or favorited

- Which online location they have purchased or favorited the work from.


Collectors will be auto filled from the online galleries you integrate with and you can also add them manually.  For privacy reasons, we only provide the first name and last initial for patrons and artists (those who have not previously bought your work). However, if you manually add someone to your contact list, you will be able to see all the information provided.


Note: On the Assistant plan,  Collector Management also includes a map that allows you to visualise where each of your collectors are.

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