What is 'Unlimited Listed Pieces'?

Vango Studio is an inventory management tool that we want you to be able to make full use of.  With this tool, you can upload unlimited pieces to your portfolio, as well as keep track of information such as:

  • When you uploaded the piece
  • Basic information you might want to include
  • Price changes
  • Where the piece is located or distributed

We also let you arrange the pieces and view them in either list or grid form. We will soon have a feature that allows you to put your works into collections, so that you can organise them by year or by series.


To make managing your portfolio even simpler, the following features have been included as well:

  • Duplicate artwork (allowing you to easily input a new piece)
  • Smart fill- We look at how you fill out your artwork and autocomplete the information for you to save you time (i.e. you always use acrylic as a medium, or use a ‘flower’ tag etc.) *This is a Premium feature
  • Set status as ‘For Sale’, ‘Sold’ or ‘Not for Sale’
  • Assign sold works to specific collectors


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