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In the simplest terms, Vango is a business providing individuals with a service to sell their craft; therefore, by law, both the business and the individual must report said income to the IRS. This is true of any online platform an artist sells their work on, as well as the financial institutions artists use to receive payment (PayPal, your bank, etc).

To report the income, the individual is identified by their social security number (SSN) which the business (Vango, Ets, PayPal, the bank, etc) may require in order to verify an individual's identity or to accurately report the business' income. As an individual, you have a right to deny the business your SSN when asked. However, the business may be unable to legally report their income accurately, or be unable to verify your identity and thus, may also refuse to do business with you :(

Vango is working toward a secure system that will allow artists to enter their own information securely. Until then, artists will be asked via e-mail only when it's necessary. 

If you prefer to provide this information by phone, please respond to the e-mail with:

(a) requesting to schedule a phone call
(b) the best time to reach you at on weekdays -please keep in mind that Vango support agents are located in San Francisco, CA and operate on PST/PDT
(c) the best phone number to reach you

And a staff member will call you directly.





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